Reviews – VESU


Monica W.
Thank you very much. The scarf looks and feels fantastic. It is beautifully made. I am sure my mum will love the gift. Highly recommend.

This is a lovely scarf/wrap. The protective shop's envelope was a very nice detail also. I am already plotting when to wear it! Thank you.

Jane Janielou
GORGEOUS !!!!!!! The colours are beautiful, well made and just lovely !!

I absolutely love this. If you're wondering if you should buy something from the store you should. Quality and Designs are unparallel

Thank you. I looked like a million dollars, the whole family was very impressed. The daughters said I was amazing. I always have to come up with something great, I will not be modest, I can say that I was delighted with my appearance. But this is due to this outfit, the hairstyle. The effect was important. Thank you again. I'm sending photos of how I put this shawl on.
Best wishes. I will recommend your work. I warmly greet you.

Wieslava N.
Amazing work, these pieces of art are the most beautiful scarves. I bought several and they are all wonderful. Agnes quickly responds to emails and was good about helping me track the shipment.

China Girl from America
Thank you! My mother loves the shawl and was very impressed with your work.

Marla Trudine
This piece is absolutely beautiful. Better even than the listing. Thanks!

Julianne Targan 
Just as it is pictured, beautiful! Very nice quality, love it. Thank you very much.

This scarf can be worn with anything. Great accessory to add to your wardrobe. Beautiful colours and excellent workmanship. 

Dear Agi, thank you very much for the shawl. It was no surprise to me that the shawl is beautiful, because I saw your products at the December fair in Poznań. I wish you the satisfaction of doing beautiful things and turning your passion into work.

Małgorzata B.
Mrs. Agnieszka Arciszewska, the scarf is wonderful and fits perfectly. Today was the premiere - it is wearing great and even warm. And it goes well with my red hair. I am delighted and thank you very much once again.

Anka R.
Dear Agnieszka!
I would like to buy another scarf in beige, yellow and orange colors, as in the picture. I am also asking for a pin in these colors. The scarf I bought from you two years ago arouses the admiration of my friends, and I feel very comfortable wearing it. It is beautiful and warm. Due to its colors and model, my children called it "fudge". My son is getting married soon and so I need another scarf, this time silk, for my silk dress. I am convinced that in the madness from you I will look and feel great at this wedding. Once again, words of admiration for your works of art. Thank you on behalf of all the women you enjoy.

Alicie S.
Hello Mrs. Agnieszka, I received a shawl yesterday.
It is beautiful and impressed me, just like I expected
It fits my outfit, I think I will use your unique talent more than once again.
Thank you and best regards

Katie C.
Your miracles have reached me. Sooo thank you. The scarves are beautiful, cute, wonderful, perfect ... My friend from Canada also bought some scarves from you ... and her mother in Gdansk is showing off's nice Everyone who got your work as a gift or bought it is happy ... does not charm you. It is so in this circle of my family and friends. .... that's why THANK YOU

Beata W.
...Wow!!! ... is beautiful
Miracle Mrs. Agnieszka
... well, I look at it all the time
...thank you thank you thank you ...
... and there is a fern and twisted tips and edges, various white and gray and delicate gray and