Workshops – VESU


Join me for workshops full of sensory experiences where you'll discover the benefits of natural fibers like merino wool, raw silk, delicate silk chiffon, and natural soap. Your senses will go wild as you breathe in the delicate scents of olive, lavender, and manuka soaps, and the soft and fluffy merino wool and shiny silk fibers will immerse you in a world of colour. 

But that's not all! There's one more sense left to satisfy, that's your sense of taste! You can indulge in my homemade cake & coffee. Spend an amazing time with a small group chatting, laughing, and creating your masterpiece in a cosy, friendly place.

"Looking for a unique gift? Consider my workshops as a great gifting opportunity for friends and family."

I can organize workshops on different days and times or even move the workshop to your place! Don't hesitate to contact Aga at or call 0284217527.